2020/12/15 Workout of the Day


General Warm-Up
5 Rounds
0:20 Single leg single under
0:10 Rest

2 Rounds
0:10 Double unders or attempts
0:20 Rest

"Modified Hinshaw Running Warm-up"
10yds Over the hurdle
10yds Knee to chest
10yds Figure 4
10yds Walking Samson stretch
10yds Toy soldiers
0:30 Sitting arm swings
0:30 Standing arm swings
10yds Toes out walk
10yds Toes in walk
10yds Walk on heels
10yds Walk on toes
10yds Walk on outside of feet
10yds Walk on inside of feet

Every 5:00 for 25:00 (5 sets)
60 Double under
400m Run

This is intended to be a fast pace interval workout where faster efforts could be under 2:00. Perform a variation that allows for no round to exceed 3:30. The score is the total work time only.

Movement Modifications
Double Unders
*100 Single unders or practice double unders for 0:45

*Reduce the distance to be completed in under 2:00.

Accessory Work
3 Rounds NOT for time:
15 Dumbbell side bends, right
50ft Single-arm farmer carry, right
0:30 Rest
15 Dumbbell side bends, left
50ft Single-arm farmer carry, left
0:30 Rest

Cool Down / Mobility
2 Rounds
0:45/0:45 Heel toe hamstring stretch
10/10 Dynamic calf stretch