2020/12/12 Workout of the Day


General Warm-Up
8:00 AMRAP at a moderate pace
100 Single unders or 35 jumping jacks
5 Push-ups to down dog
10 Hollow rocks
10 Walking lunges

Skill and Build Up
Dumbbell Push Press Progression 1 (~4:00)
5 Dip and hold
5 Dip and drive slow
5 Dip and drive fast
5 Dumbbell push presses
*Use a light set of dumbbells or object using in the workout.

Build Up (~3:00)

0:15 Dumbbell push presses, workout weight or slightly lighter
0:15 Rest
0:15 Jumping lunges
0:15 Rest
0:15 Crab walk
*Increase load on the second round.

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
5 Rounds for max reps
0:40 Max rep dumbbell push press
0:20 Rest
0:40 Max rep jumping lunges
0:20 Rest
0:40 Crab walk
0:20 Rest

Attempt a hard pace on the first interval and try to maintain those numbers throughout the entirety of the workout. Every 5ft on the crab walk counts as a rep

Movement Modifications
Dumbbell Push Press
*Use a load that allows for the first 0:40 to be completed without putting the dumbbells down.

Jumping Lunges
*Perform stationary lunges

Crab Walk
*Hold crab position no walking.

Dumbbell Push Press
*Perform the push press with any object: barbell, kettlebells, bag, heavy jug, etc.
*Perform a moderately challenging handstand push-up or pike push-up variation.

Accessory Work
3 Rounds NOT for time
10/10 Landmine single arm row
15 Band face pulls (low band)

*With Bands
3 Rounds NOT for time
15/15 Single arm banded low row
15 Band face pulls (low band)

Dumbbells or any household object
3 Rounds NOT for time
10/10 Single arm dumbbell row
15 Rear delt raises

Bodyweight Only
3 Rounds NOT for time
10-15 Truck or table rows, ring rows, or other rowing variation
20 Scap retraction push-ups

Cool Down / Mobility
0:45 Double quad stretch
1:30 Foam roll T-spine
0:45 Double quad stretch
1:30 Foam roll T-spine